3 Learning Programs For Special Needs June 9, 2020
Three programs that will expose your non reader / nonverbal reader to reading.  These programs have been used to teach children and adults with learning disabilities to read in High Schools, Homes and Adult Day Programs where all other conventional programs had failed. These programs have been used in homes, schools, private tutoring and adult day programs for all types of special needs students. Blind, autistic, brain damage, down syndrome, dyslexia all benefit from these programs.
Learning To Read $135.00 -  NOW AVAILABLE IN PDF $6.99 This program is designed for Students that are just Learning to read, it only takes 15 minutes  a day four times a week.  If your student recognizes no words or maybe as many as 10 words then this  program is the tutor tool to teach them to read. 
Picture Academics $49.00 NOW AVAILABLE IN PDF $2.99   Best when used before  and after the Learning to Read program or Academic Therapy curriculum, a reading comprehension  therapy program for readers and non-readers. It only takes 15 minutes a day four times a  week.  It's fun and easy and your student will gain confidence in  themselves from the first page to the last.
Academic Therapy $242.00 NOW AVAILABLE IN PDF $12.99   Grades 6  through 12, reading level begins at a third grade reading level and  quickly progresses. Seven Subjects with over 900 pages of learning  (Animals, History, Language Arts, Math, Reading, Science, Spanish) 40  minutes 5 times a week. Each subject is covered daily and the information is presented to the student without confusion.