Picture Academics for Special Needs

Picture Academics is designed to help children and adults with Special Needs learn to read and develop comprehension.  This program is ideal for new readers, introducing your special needs reader to new words by association with pictures.  Additionally, the Picture Academics program works well for those who are non verbal and non readers.  Students with Special Needs, Developmental Disabilities, Autism and Down Syndrome learn by hearing, seeing, smelling and touching (sensory system).  Students with special needs learning are often left behind, this doesn't have to be the case.

The Tutors guide provides easy to follow step by step instructions that allow your special needs reader to gain confidence and learn in a fun way.  Learning to read for special needs students has it's challenges but it is Possible!  The Picture Academics program uses positive reinforcement to introduce your special needs student to reading.

I developed this program to teach my son to read, you should watch the award winning video.  Jeremiah was born with extensive TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) including absence of the corpus callosum, porencephalic cyst of his brain, hydrocephalus, spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, a seizure disorder, and multiple visual deficits.  Jeremiah also had an unfair start in life having experienced the trauma of child abuse.  Later he developed scoliosis as well. 

I was told my son was unteachable and I wouldn't accept that.  After I developed Jeremiah's Circles it has been used in Homes, AdultDay Programs, Grade, Middle and High Schools to teach reading to all Special Needs students (See our Success Stories),  Including people labeled with Down Syndrome, Autism, Brain Injury, Asperger's, ADD/ADHD or Special Needs.

Special Needs Learning to Readcademics


  • Instruction: One-on-one instruction, 15 minutes a day, four days a week maximizes learning for special needs.
  • Tutor Training: There is no special training required, just follow the guidelines in the beginning of the Tutor's Guide.
  • Content: The content is the same as regular education text books and modified for easier special needs learning. It is formatted to avoid confusion and build confidence in beginner readers.
  • Pace: Each special needs student learns at their own pace, speed is not an issue.
  • The TUTOR'S GUIDE (not shown) includes step by step instructions, the essentials of teaching and learning for special needs, progress and attendance charts, Calendar Fun and more... 
  • The PICTURE ACADEMICS' workbook has 90 work pages for Special Needs Learning with 540 blk & wht pictures, (8.5X11” comb-bound).

Three Subjects in one book.

  • Language Arts  uses "W" words, riddles, word association, and problem solving.
  • Math uses numbers up to three, concepts like: big & little, more & less.  Math uses 4 shapes, also introduces money and weight.
  • Social Studies  is about where we live, people working in stores and factories, about the ranch, raising cattle, growing produce, and using machines.


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