Special Needs Students diagnosed with Autism, Down Syndrome or Brain Injury are learning to read with these Universal Learning To Read Programs For Autism.  Sometimes used as a last resort when all other conventional methods have failed.  If you have a child or adult with autism or any other learning disability that wants to read, Jeremiah's Circles Learning To Read Programs for autism will help Comprehension and Academics.  My programs have been used for kids and adults having Autism, ADD/ADHD, Cystic Fibrosis, Cerebral Palsy and others.  Regardless of their disability or age, every student will learn and feel successful using my programs!

I started to develop the programs while Jeremiah was in 1st grade, one page at a time.  While working at the High School I found regardless of the child's disability, these children were learning to read with my programs.  After he graduated I retired from High School and began to volunteer for the Adult Day Programs he attended.  Here, I found that my programs were also an effective tool in teaching adults with autism or other learning disabilities how to read.  Since, Jeremiah's Circles has been used in schools, adult day programs and homes to teach children and adults with autism how to read.

Autism Comprehension

Does your student with autism recognizes 0 - 10 words, nonverbal or have the ability to read but struggles with comprehension? Picture Academics Comprehension is the tutor tool for you. This program will bring your reader to a 2nd grade level or above.

Autism Learning to Read

If your student with autism recognizes 0 - 100 words then the Learning to Read program will be the tutor tool for Learning To Read, better when used with Picture Academics.  Will bring your reader to a 2nd grade level or above.

Academic Learning For Autism

If your student with autism reads at a 3rd grade level and you are wanting your student to learn a condensed state required curriculum then the Academic Therapy  is the tutor tool.  Grades 6 - 12, better when used with Picture Academics.  Seven subjects with over 900 pages, Passing Through America,  Understanding Physical Substance,  Multiple Meanings of Words, Spanish Interpretation, Knowing our Fellow Creatures,  Number Appreciation & Reading Short Stories & Articles.

Comprehension Programs For Autism
Learning Programs For Autism
Learning Programs For Autism