Special Needs Homeschool Materials, should I homeschool my special needs child?  I tutored instead of homeschool, Jeremiah needed peer interactions but was not being taught through the public school system.  I began tutoring him & developed special needs homeschool materials.

I started Jeremiah's Circles while he was in first grade, one page at a time.  I saved the materials & later created a homeshcool program.  When working for the High School where Jeremiah attended, I found out regardless of the learning disability, the students were learning with my homeschool materials for special needs.  After he graduated I retired from school and began to volunteer at the Adult Day Center he attended.  This is where I learned my Homeschool Materials For Special Needs was also an effective tool in homeschooling Adults with special needs who had never learned to read.  Homeschool Materials can be used with both verbal and nonverbal readers.

Special Needs Homeschool Materials

Three unique programs with materials to help you Homeschool your Special Needs student, each contains Tutor Guides and Workbooks.  Comprehension Program is best when used with Learning To Read to develop comprehension skills. Learning To Read includes 6 little readers, workbook, behavioral tips and tutoring tips.  Although each program can be done 15 minutes 4 X week, you'll find your special needs student will want to spend more time doing it.  Academic Therapy includes 7 subjects with over 900 pages, can be done 40 minutes a day 4 X week.

Comprehension For Special Needs

Picture Academics - Before and After Learning to Read , a reading comprehension program for readers and non-readers, 15 min 4 times a wk.  Bring your reader to a 2nd grade reading level or above.

Special Needs Learning To Read

Learning To Read - Homeschool program for Special Needs Students whoare just beginning to read, 15 min 4 times a wk.  Bring your reader to a 2nd grade reading level or above.

Homeschool Materials Grades 6 -12

Academic Therapy - Homeschool Curriculum Grades 6 - 12, reading begins at a 3rd grade reading level and quickly progresses.  Seven Subjects (Animals, History, Language Arts, Math, Reading, Science, Spanish) 40 min 5 times a wk.