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   Jeremiah’s Circles, was started in 1990. It was first piloted in 1999 at Denver’s North High School successfully. It has since been used in many severe/profound and regular classrooms, elementary, middle, high schools, homes and day programs.  Children and Adults with developmental disabilities or special needs can learn to read for the first time, this program provides the tools and techniques to help you and your special needs reader be sucessful.

    EXTROIDANAIRE CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION...  JEREMIAH'S CIRCLES has contributed to the growth, education and betterment of the participants at the STARR CENTER with an innovative and well planned reading curriculum.

 High School: JEREMIAH'S CIRCLES ACADEMIC THERAPY, Curriculum Series for Severe Special Needs kids at the High School level was Piloted at North High School Successfully. (Asst. Principal Angelique Acevedo Barron, Denver's North High) 

 High School - Special Education: JEREMIAH'S CIRCLES LEARNING TO READ program has been used in my classroom for the past five years. It uses the basic words that all children need to know to learn to read. Parents are reporting that their children are interested in reading at home now. They are showing more self-confidence in school. Improvement has also been noticed by the Speech Therapist. (Barbara J. Riley, Special Education teacher, Denver's North High)

First Grader - Special Needs: Kyle is doing AMAZINGLY well!!!  He is one of the top students in his class!!!  He is one of the stronger readers!!!!  But he doesn't do it by phonics; he does it by the Jeremiah’s Circles way.  His teacher is so impressed with him. Angela Salisbury (mother)

Adult Day Program: I have been using JEREMIAH'S CIRCLES LEARNING TO READ with a developmentally disabled 46 yr. old female adult who has a very strong desire to learn to read. She knew the alphabet by letter name only when we began the program, and could write letters at random. She is progressing at steady rate, and has retained all that she has learned. I have used many different reading programs over the years and I am very excited about the results my client is experiencing with JEREMIAH'S CIRCLES. I would strongly recommend this program to classroom teachers and any parent who want to see their student/child succeed! (Juanee Schultz, Recreational Associate, Centura Adult Day Program)

Third Grader - Special Needs : Allyee is at a second grade level in reading now YEAH!!!  And she all of a sudden is writing sentences!  Although hard to read....But hey she is  doing it.  And that is what counts. Angela Salisbury (mother)

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  K/8 School - Special Education: I enjoy tutoring my students on a one to one basis and so I was happy for the opportunity to utilize an innovative program called JEREMIAH’S CIRCLES ACADEMIC THERAPY. I chose to work with a student who requires ample time to process new information with reading, writing, and math. She thoroughly enjoyed working through these books and completing the multiple-choice problems. (Cynthia Masters, Special Education teacher, Centennial K/8 School in Denver)

Home School - Special Needs: 13 year old boy: JEREMIAH’S CIRCLES LEARNING TO READ program has been a great learning tool for our 13 year old son. Our son was diagnosed with his Learning Disabilities at the age of 4 years, he has struggled with the articulation for words and therefore, getting him on the path of reading has been a difficult road. This is a wonderful program that gives him the motivation and the self esteem he needs to someday be able to pick-up a book and read on his own. (Antoinette Sandoval, mother)

Tenth Grader - Special Needs: Jeff is doing great with JEREMIAH’S CIRCLES. We are just now starting “Tim & Rover” this week. Jeff is in 10th grade at the high school this year—after home schooling for 3 years! His speech is getting better even, but he has trouble with saying some of the words, like “Oreo” and “wagon.” I figure we’re doing speech therapy while reading. He loves the stories. He has a dog named “Mike,” and he loves reading that name. Thank you for writing the program” (Betty Schmidt, mother)


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