Special Needs Learning, Early Intervention Is The Key!

Whether you are teaching a child or an adult, Learning To Read with Picture Academics is an excellent tool for beginners.  Students with all different types of developmental disabilities can easily feel successful with Picture Academics.  If your Special Needs student can sound words, point, touch, smile or blink then Picture Academics might be the tool for you.  This program is used before, during and after the Learning To Read and Academic Therapy programs to develop and strengthen comprehension.

The Tutor's Guide includes step by step instructions, the Essentials of Teaching & Learning, Behavior Strategies, Progress & Attendance Charts, Sample Charts, Calendar, Fun and more.

The Workbook has 90 work pages with 540 black and white illustrations.  The student is given simple stated sentences, questions, and picture lists.  The student demonstrates comprehension by choosing the appropriate picture from the list that best answers the question.

Special Needs Learning PreK