Condensed High School Curriculum  June 10, 2020
Academic Therapy is a condensed State Required Curriculum which only requires filling in easy multiple choice circles (Scantron test taking skills) versus writing sentences which was proven to be unsuccessful for many.  Compared to regular curriculum, students find the program fun, fast, and easy.  7 subjects and a tutor guide covering Language Arts, History, Animals, Reading, Math, Science and Spanish.

Now, all seven subjects are available in PDF for $12.99 including tutor guide and answer book.

Academic Therapy is designed for grades 6 through 12 and adults. The books begin at approximately a third grade reading level and quickly progress. 

Students that are non-readers, non-verbal, and/or have vision problems can use this program. After you have read the passage and each multiple choice list, your student can choose his answer any way he’s able to communicate. You can then mark the circle for him.


  • Instruction Time: One-on-one instruction or small group instruction up to 40 minutes a day, five days a week maximizes learning. Each day all 7 subjects are covered.
  • Tutor Training:  There is no special training required, just follow the guidelines in the beginning of the books. Tutor support is provided on line.