Environment         May 18, 2020
Disabled learners need every advantage.  Comfort and quiet are key factors in an environment that is conducive to learning.  In order to create an environment most conducive to learning to learn, several factors should be considered.
*    Keep the sessions at the same time and in the same place everyday.
*    The area should be familiar, a place the student is accustomed to.  If you’re using a new area, have the student visit it a few times before you begin.  Allow him some input as to how the area should be arranged and where he wants to sit.  Have him help you fix up the new place to make it comfortable and familiar.
*    Chairs need to be comfortable; tables need to be the right height.
*    The room should be well lit and not too warm or too cool.
*    Distraction should be eliminated or, at least, be kept to a minimum.
*    Be sure your student isn’t hungry or needing to use the restroom.
*    Soft background music or gray noise like an electric fan may be preferred over total quiet.