Get Results                          June 26, 2020
The contents of this book are the result of the author’s experience. It is a reading therapy created by the author as a response to her son’s special needs. Despite repeated success with her son and many others in special needs classes utilizing this therapy, no claim is made nor implied as to the therapy’s effectiveness with your situation. Many variables contribute to reading success, and this is a single aspect. This therapy has no age limit to its usefulness. Anyone experiencing an inability to read, including those labeled un-teachable may benefit.

When a student feels they are smart, they are willing to take chances.  If they feel they can't do it, they will not even try.  Positive projection worked for me.  When my son forgot what we learned the day before, all I said was, "don't worry, you'll remember it another day."  This was true, sometimes we would review things for years and then all of a sudden he would have it.  Jeremiah had difficulty with short term memory due to his brain damage, what I discovered was that with repetition he would store it in his long term memory and later he would have it.