Learning Programs Pre-K To 12th June 8, 2020
My son always attended public schools for socialization although the school system was never able to teach him.  Even in Jr. High they kept trying to get him to copy his name and shapes, he had been doing that since the 2nd grade.  Due to his physical limitations this is something he will always struggle with.  That's when my I decided to teach him how to read.  After he was able to read I then developed a condensed High School curriculum that taught him Language Arts, Animals, Reading, History, Math, Science and Spanish.  Learning to read only takes 15 minutes a day!!

Now he is 38 years old, still has difficulty tracing shapes and even writing his name.  He is very active on the internet researching cars, and lately buying houses (pretend) because his older brother is buying a new home.  Since he is able to read he is able to research things that interest him.