It's All About Attitude         May 12, 2020
Assuming that the basic physical needs of food, shelter, love and safety are being met, there are other essentials that should be in place for learning to occur.  For most students and adults with severe learning disabilities or developmental delays, these essentials are critical for success.
Student Attitude:  Attitude may be the single most important factor when a student is learning a new skill.
Willingness:  The student must be willing to make an effort to learn.  He must believe that the skill he wants to learn is valuable and that he will be better off than he was before he learned it.
Self Confidence:  He must believe that he can learn the new skill and that it’s okay to make mistakes.
Environment:  Disabled learners need every advantage.  Comfort and quiet are key factors in an environment that is conducive to learning.
Security:  He must feel safe and secure - that is, he needs to believe that no harm, emotional or otherwise, will come to him while he’s learning.  He needs to know that no one will become impatient with him or think he’s stupid or make fun of him when he makes mistakes.
Physical Concerns: Physically, the student must feel relaxed and at ease.  Learning cannot occur if he’s stressed or tense.
Learning Modality:  It’s well known that most people learn best when the material is presented in a particular way, they are said to be: Visual, Auditory, or Tactile/Kinetic learners.