Learning Modality         May 14, 2020
It’s well know that most people learn best when the material is presented in a particular way. They are said to be visual, auditory, or tactile/kinetic learners.  Because it may be difficult to tell how your student learns best, try multi-sensory approaches.  Examples: Reading is visual, reading aloud is both visual and auditory.  Counting and separating beads in groups.  Almost everyone can benefit from the multi-sensory approach; they can see it, hear it, and do it.
A word of caution - you too, need to be relaxed.  When things get frustrating, take a deep breath and remember your student is watching you and will react to your words, tone and body language.  Dig into your store of infinite patience and bag of tricks to help eliminate stress.  Have faith in the student’s ability and desire to learn.  Have faith in you!