Multiple Meanings of Words  June 15, 2020
A condensed High School program that provides a solid understanding of vocabulary words, riddles, opposites, what comes first or last, and much more (145 work pages)  Students find this program fun and fast.  Five minutes of bonding and five minutes of the program is all it takes or 40 minutes a day if you do all 7 programs.

Pace: Students are allowed to proceed at their own pace without concern about the speed of their learning.  As the students reading and comprehension progresses, they're able to read silently and finish the work independently.

Content:  The program's content has been lifted from regular education text books and modified for easier learning.  Simply stated sentences allow for quick reading.  It is formatted to avoid confusion.  This is a fast way to become familiar with academics.  Many students become fascinated with learning and become more familiar with words and interests about which others speak.  They are generally able to solve problems with greater skill, thus allowing greater opportunities. See Sample Pages.