Understanding Physical Substance  June 11, 2020
Academic Therapy is a condensed State Required Curriculum which only requires filling in easy multiply choice circles (Scantron test taking skills) versus writing sentences which was proven to be unsuccessful for many. Designed for grades 6 through 12 and adults, they begin on a third grade reading level and quickly progress.
It is comprised of seven books on seven subjects: American History, Physical Science,
Language Arts, Math, Spanish, Reading, and Land Animals.

This program serves as a modified curriculum, addressing the same subjects being taught in regular classrooms. The student can work up to seven pages each day. He reads new words and selects words from lists.

There is no wasted time trying to write or being confused. The student learns through
repetition. The student uses a multiple choice format with questions directly related to the reading. There is no writing or forming of letters and numbers; just fill in the multiple-choice circles. All the information is on one page so there is no transferring from page to page.

Some of the topics covered in the 36 lessons include:
Plastics and composites, types of solutions, rate of dissolving, conductors, reactants, products, mass, ozone, chemical reactions, acids, bases, salts, the nature of sound, noise pollution and many more. View Sample Pages