What's Wrong With This Picture                June 23, 2020
What's wrong with this picture?  I adopted my son at 8 years old and he had a lot of disabilities, he was put in a special ed class and started tracing his name, shapes and to learn the alphabet. When he was in 9th grade he was still in the special ed classes and still tracing his name, shapes and trying to learn his abc's. So from the 2nd grade all the way to 9th grade all the school did was have him still trying to do the same stuff he could not do?  I had already taught him to read, he was learning about the world around him, doing simple math but the school still thought he was unteachable because he did not know his abc's. The school still kept trying to have him trace his name. He is 38 now, he can write his name and sentences but his writing skills are still not very good, he does not have good use of his hands or legs. But, he does text, type, explore the internet and have conversations about real things in this world. He still has conversations about his make believe world but I'm glad I taught him to read and about the world he lives in.