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           "Your student's  behavior isn't yours to handle. It's not your behavior. It's your student's behavior. Your job is to help your student learn how to handle his/her own behavior".

"Without good problem solving skills, it’s very tricky for any of us to handle his/her own behavior".

 Behavior Strategies

•Reinforce the behaviors you would like to see increase. Like a garden "water the behaviors you'd like to grow."
•When safety is not an issue, ignore the behavior you would like to decrease.
•Model the behaviors you would like to see.
•Avoid situations that provoke behaviors you are trying to reduce.
•Structure the environment; use cues for positive behaviors. Plan rest periods.
•Redirect the person rather than challenging them.
•Seek professional help sooner than later.

Change Behavior

You ask your student to stop a behavior... and the minuet you turn around – he's at it again. It’s not the end of the world. Relax…. Maybe you could make this disruption into a game. That would relax you both.

What if every time you peaked around the corner and didn’t catch your student's inappropriate behavior you loose? Then give him a token. If you catch him, he looses a token. He can learn to add his tokens for a special reward. This will ease his defiance.

Eventually you'll be able to gradually stop trying to catch his disruptive behavior. Your student will probably love this game and win lots of tokens and special rewards.

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   Stress Free

•Focus on your student’s abilities (strengths) rather than his disabilities (weaknesses).
•Give him work that he can accomplish, and then work on his weaknesses in short 5 minuet learning sessions.
•This will avoid over stimulation and also save his energy to accomplish what he can do.

 What Happened?

When our student misbehaves it may not be bad behavior… but good behavior. Instead of what’s wrong, it’s really... what's right? You may have been working educating your student and doing very well.

Then all of a sudden… what happened to his behavior? This wonderful little boy that said yes to everything began saying no.

Actually he was doing exactly what he should be doing. He was growing up and becoming more independent. He now wanted control of his world. He was ready to start making his own decisions, ready to start learning who he is and what behavior he wants.

Help him to express who he really is… not by force, but by teaching.

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