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 Learning To Read Kit: 


This indispensable 8.5X11” comb-bound guide not only provides step-by-step instructions, it contains invaluable insights on the essentials of teaching and learning. It includes tips and suggestions as well as troubleshooting solutions.


This 8.5X11” comb-bound student reading book contains nine stories (or chapters) on 41 pages. Each page is mastered before the student progresses to the next. (black & white illustrations)



This reproducible 8.5X11” comb-bound comprehension workbook uses multiple choice questions directly related to sentences taken from the First Stories reading book.


These little 6X9” comb-bound books are designed to inspire independent reading and are appropriate for all ages. (black & white illustrations)



  • DVD, Sheet Protector, Dry erase marker, Reading Focus Card & a Pocket Folder


  • Tutor’s Quick Reference Guide
  • Set of six flash cards
  • Flash Card Fun Ideas card
  • Sticker cards for each section
  • Stickers (circles and stars)

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 April May

 The Car


 I Forgot

 James Smart

 The Keepers

 Picture Academics:

(8.5X11” comb-bound workbook)  

 Three Subjects in one book > >

 Starter Kit...

  • 18 blk & wht Picture Cards 
  • Sticker Card
  • Circle stickers
  • Student Profile
  • Tracking pages
  • Session card
  •  Workbook with 90 work pages
  • 540 black & white illustrations
  • Student Profile
  • Tracking Charts
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Calendar Fun and circle stickers
  • Sheet Protector and dry marker
  • Picture Block card
  • Session card
  • Pocket Folder
  • Language Arts is fun and funny. It's all about appreciating words, pictures, and comprehension. It uses "W" words like: where, what, and who. Included are riddles, word association and problem solving.
  • Math: Using numbers up to three makes it easy for the student to succeed. It introduces concepts of more, less, big, little, huge, small, long, short, and much more. Math uses 4 shapes: circle, square, triangle, and rectangle. It also introduces money and weight.
  • Social Studies  is all about where we live. It tells of the first building of houses and stores. It tells about the post office, television, and radio stations. It's about people working in stores and factories, about the ranch and raising cattle, growing produce and using machines.

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Academic Therapy:

    Seven durable comb-bound 8.5 X 11 reproducible workbooks: with black & white illustrations, contents, glossaries, index, dates, tests, & answers  Plus: Tutor's Guidelines & Answers



American History

Passing Through America

A Unique history book covering history from 1492. (222 work pages) 

 Physical Science

Understanding Physical Substance

Some of the topics covered are molecules, atoms, recycling, electricity, and magnets. (169 work pages)





Applicable every day words and sentences are introduced. (138 work pages)



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Reading Short Stories & Articles

Students learn to read and comprehend a variety of materials. (91 work pages)  



Language Arts

Multiple Meanings of Words

Includes vocabulary words, riddles, opposites, what comes first or last, and much more (145 work pages)


Number Appreciation

Designed for students who have a solid understanding of the concepts “one” and “two" (132 work pages)



  Land Animals

Knowing our Fellow Creatures

This book introduces many different animals from earthworms to the extinct animals. (75 work pages) 

 Tutor's Guidelines & Answers

Having all the answers in one handy book allows you to correct quickly. This is a time saving book worth its print


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