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Who Does Know How far a Person can go?

If one thinks that they cannot learn they probably will not. What is most important is the feeling they really can. Some type of communication, a wink, a twitch, a smile or a word is a key to unlock the doors to their understanding and comprehension. Then Problem Solving skills will open that door.

As they achieve these skills they will then see some purpose in their world. These abilities are the same as crawling and then walking. Who does know just how far a person can go? As they keep on developing there are no limits. They will see their world.

 Hope and Inspiration for the Spirit

It was difficult to understand - If we were all made in the image and likeness of God, what happened to my special child?

As the years went by I discovered more and more how we were made in his image. God is all loving, intelligent and giving. And my special child has these God like qualities. He does bring more intelligence, love, and joy to this world.

These qualities are not in substance that doctors can X-ray, weigh, or measure in a test tube. The only way we can see these qualities is by letting them express. Let them use their gifts.

I’m still learning to listen with patience, be helpful with encouragement as I watch my child amaze me.

 Reachable Vision

I think it’s good to have a vision for your special needs child reachable or not. How would we know unless we took actions, and kept taking actions? If we use what is possible today; the today creates the tomorrows. We already know that we must accept our child for who he is right now—but then we need to move on - one step at a time.

Maybe our special ones have come here because we have something important to learn and they have something important to teach. In that case, we must help them to reach that potential. Not by force, but by appreciating and encouraging him, each moment in time.

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   Expectations and Successes

We expect our children to learn what comes easily and naturally to most kids. But my child would become overloaded and shut off. I realized there are many possible ways to educate this special group. But if you and the student are not relaxed, forget it. I worked out a schedule for all my family’s needs.

I allowed about 15 minuets each day using academics for memory and problem solving skills. We used a lot of eye contact to increase the bonding. We did help our child with continuous encouragement, such as... "That’s OK, you’ll remember next time." " You’ll get it." "No problem." It sure did work. Our gift to us is the thrill in seeing our child's growth and confidence. Our gift to the world is sharing these successes.

  Problems are our Blessings

  • I've learned a very important lesson... Even though I do have to be reminded. The way we learn is by discovering what doesn’t work. I think that problems and difficulties are really our blessing.
  • A mistake isn’t really a bad thing. It means we missed it but we can do it again. This is the way we grow (come to a greater understanding). And this is the way our children grow one step at a time.
  • And if we stumble, we can get back up again. 

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