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    I get up at 6:30 & get dressed right away. After I turn off the alarm clock. Then get dresed, comb my hair & go to the bathroom. I get my Resource juice and open the kitchen shutters. I take my pills. Then finish my juice then brush my teeth then I rinse my mouth with mouthwash. Then I get my coat on, go outside with my dad & excersize with riding a stainionary bike & hang on a clothes line poll swing back & forth 10 times & lifting my feet up 10 times. This is for my back. Then I feed the 2 kittys that live in the back house. I come in get my helmet. Then I get my vouchers out then get myself ready & watch the news on TV. I ride the Acess A Ride to the program.

At the program I eat breakfast, read the paper every morning. Depending what day it is we do excersizes, crafts, cooking, games, bible study, entertainment & sometimes outings. We eat everyday hot meals at lunch time. Then more activity, a snack & then I go home right after the others. Sometimes the Access A Ride is a little late once in a while.

When I come home I take my coat & helmet off, put the radio to 16 KCKK & then I get James my dog fed & give him his treat. I excersize with mom every Monday Wednesday & Friday. I do play work Tuesday & Thursday with using Match Box compahy vichicles. When I work for play I take Ho Bear & Baby Bear to the train station for lunch. Then go on a tour afterwards. Then we go back right away because they need a little bit of a nap before we all go home. Hershy Bears group does volunteer work with delivering flyers. Then I go to the store for play. Then when I get back I relax & do nothing. I read magazines every day & the newspaper.

Saturdays I do paper work and my money game. Mom and I walk the dog outside if its a beautiful day. Then I do games on the Mac computer. Sundays I do the internet on the IBM answer my messages and look at car sights.

  My Drawings and Pictures

        Sport Utility Vechicle                               Horse                                 Flower 

Sport Utility Vehicle

  Teacher Gary Thanks for the page. I like the page. I have a Cat named Muffin. He is black and brown like James, my dog. Jeremiah 


Family Friend

  To Jeremiah

To Jeremiah and family from Gary and DeeDee

we love ya; and pray for you, as you are a blessing to all Special Education teachers, parents and kid;s

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