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Sheet Protectors: Sheet protectors are on the first work pages of Picture Academics, First Stories, and First Stories Circles. They are not attached so you can lift them up and out. If you are using a sheet protector, students will use a dry marker, if not; a pencil can be used to fill in the underlined blank spaces in the First Stories and mark the correct circles in the workbooks.

Dry Marker: We found that keeping the dry erase marker in a plastic bag helps to prolong its use.

Video: The DVD is not an instructional video. We made it to show the Learning to Read program at work. You’ll see 5 Special Needs people. Some of them have speech impairments, all of them are learning to read. You’ll also see Jeremiah’s 1990 Award winning film with Bill Stuart: Channel 4 News. You can see how patience, repetition, and praise can make a difference.

Folders: Many find that folders with pockets work well for the student to keep his charts and cards in.

 Flash Card Fun Stickers: The circle stickers for the Flash Card Fun sticker card are reusable and can be used again and again.

 Stickers: Need more stickers? They can be purchased wherever office supplies are sold.

  • Stars: 1/2” Foil Stars, assorted colors
  • Circles: 3/4" Dot See Thru, assorted colors

 Charts: If you need more Charts, Click Here

 Folders in a Box

You may have three students using the Picture Academics, six students using the Learning to Read, and four students using the Academic Therapy.

Suggestion: Keep the Roll Call and extra charts in your notebook. Put each student's name on his folder and set the folders upright in a small box. Your student can get his own folder from the box and show you exactly what he's working on and where to begin his session. Folder materials will also familiarize your substitute with your student's individual strengths and weaknesses.

  Academic Therapy

 We found that making copies, then stapling the pages together works well. At the end of the session, the student can put a star on the top page of the stabled papers, even though he made corrections. You might like to use one page in each subject each session or you may only want your student to work one lesson in one subject.

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